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Your Clients Will Love Working at Haven

Haven Coworking provides upscale, thoughtfully designed spaces suitable for everyone—from solo entrepreneurs seeking a professional base, to larger organizations in need of temporary project rooms, disaster recovery spaces, or longer-term strategic setups. 

Our straightforward, high-quality offerings ensure that your clients have everything they need as their requirements shift.

Full Amenities

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Thriving Community

Haven Coworking Space

Why Consider Haven For Your Clients?

Flexible Space

At Haven Coworking, we evolve with our members. Start with a community desk or a dedicated desk for one, and as your needs change, our team is here to help you transition smoothly to the next level of office space.

Flexible Terms

Understanding the hesitation towards long-term commitments, we offer month-to-month leases up to two years. If your prospect is reluctant to engage in a typical 3- to 5-year lease, Haven provides the ideal solution with our flexible leasing terms.

Flexible Solutions

We cater to a wide range of business sizes, from individuals up to teams of 100, with customizable buildout options available. Our solutions range from basic community memberships to full-time, dedicated office setups, ensuring we meet every specific need.

Hold Over space

If your client needs a temporary workspace while their permanent location is under preparation, Haven offers a variety of swing spaces and short-term options that serve as perfect transitional solutions.

Flexible Credit Terms

Unlike traditional landlords, Haven Coworking doesn't require stringent credit checks. We understand financial challenges and only ask for the first and last month's rent upfront, making it easier for those with less-than-perfect credit histories.


Lease Private or Shared Spaces Daily, Monthly, or Annually

It’s time for those seeking coworking spaces in Baltimore to get the great space of their dreams after all

What's Included For Your Clients?

Food & Beverage

Enjoy unlimited access to our fully stocked kitchen in Baltimore, featuring gourmet coffee, tea, and snacks to keep you energized and focused throughout the day.

Events & Networking

Dive into the vibrant community at our coworking space with exclusive events and networking opportunities designed to expand your professional and personal connections.

Focus & Wellness

Prioritize your health and productivity in our office space, equipped with wellness programs, quiet zones, and ergonomic setups for ultimate comfort and efficiency.

What You Get As a Broker

Sustained Business Relationships

At Haven Coworking, we value long-term growth. If a referral expands beyond our capacity, we ensure that they're directed back to you, the broker, to find a more traditional, larger space. This approach keeps our members satisfied and helps you earn additional commissions by serving their evolving real estate needs.

Flexible Referral Process

We understand that every broker has their unique style of working. You can choose your level of involvement in the referral process. Whether you prefer to be hands-on throughout or simply provide us with the client's contact details and let us handle the rest, we accommodate your preferences. After handling the tour and closing, we ensure you receive your commission promptly.

Rewarding Commission Structure

We offer a generous 10% commission on the total contract value for up to 12 months. Depending on the location, additional incentives such as gift cards or bonus payouts may also be available.

Reciprocal Referrals

Occasionally, a potential member’s needs may surpass what we can offer at Haven. In these instances, we rely on our trusted network of brokers to find the perfect fit for them. If one of your clients outgrows their space at Haven, we direct them back to you for further services, helping you maintain a robust book of business.

Fast Commission Payments

We respect the effort you put into your work and commit to fast commission payments. Once a client finalizes their agreement and completes their payments, we ensure that your commission, along with any other earned incentives, is delivered to you within 10 business days.

Refer someone to haven

Please leave us your contact info, and that of the person you’re referring. From here, we ask that you schedule a tour based on a mutually agreed upon time for you and your client to visit together! 

We will follow up as well, and contact you the moment we have any progress!

Prefer to Call?

Directions & Parking

Haven Parking & Directions

Parking for Tours & Prospective Members:

If you are coming to Haven Coworking for a tour and it is your first time visiting us, please use “200 Washington Avenue, Towson, MD 21204” in your GPS. 

When you arrive at the building, make the right hand turn off of Towsontown Blvd W in front of the building. Follow the road keeping the building to your right and the Baltimore County Fleet Service gas station to your left. 

The entrance to the parking garage is below the building facing the entrance to the Baltimore County Fire Department Station. Enter the garage and park in one of the 5 Haven Coworking reserved parking spaces.

Parking for Active Members & Guests:

Haven Coworking is proud to offer free surface parking for its members only a short (2 minutes!) walk across the street. 

Please enter “125 York Rd Towson, MD 21204” in your GPS. You will arrive at the American Legion building off of York Rd. Drive to the parking lot behind the building and park in any available space. 

Take the stair case at the back right of the parking lot which will bring you up the hill onto Towsontown Blvd. Simply cross the street at the intersection of Towsontown Blvd and Washington Avenue and you have arrived! 

Please use the front entrance doors facing Towsontown Blvd to access the building.

Member Parking Map

Entrance & Parking Map- Havenspace