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Haven Coworking

Located in Downtown Towson

At Haven, we go beyond the basics to provide a workspace that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. 

Our private offices in Towson are designed with your success in mind, offering a blend of privacy, luxury, and functionality that sets us apart from the rest. 


What's Included with your office?

All our office memberships come packed with perks designed to support and enhance your work experience. This includes credits toward booking our state-of-the-art meeting rooms, full access to all office amenities for your convenience, 24/7 access to ensure you can work on your schedule, and address & mail services to manage your business correspondence efficiently. 

Food & Beverage

Enjoy unlimited access to our fully stocked kitchen, featuring a selection of gourmet coffee, tea, and healthy snacks to keep you fueled and focused throughout your day.

Events & Networking

Dive into our vibrant community through exclusive member events, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to connect you with like-minded professionals and expand your personal and professional network.

Focus & Wellness

Prioritize your mental and physical well-being with our wellness programs, quiet zones for deep work, and ergonomic workstations designed to ensure comfort and productivity.

Pricing Plans for office space baltimore

Affordable Pricing Packages

We’re committed to providing you the best possible value for Baltimore office space.

$749 +

/ month

Small Office

An intimate, cost-effective solution for solo professionals or small teams, offering privacy and focus.


*Terms and Conditions apply

$1,149 +

/ Month

Medium Office

Perfectly sized for growing businesses, balancing spaciousness with an inspiring, collaborative environment.


*Terms and Conditions apply

$1,349 +

/ month

Large Office

Expansive spaces designed for larger teams, providing ample room for collaboration, creativity, and growth.


*Terms and Conditions apply

Haven Parking & Directions

Parking for Tours & Prospective Members:

If you are coming to Haven Coworking for a tour and it is your first time visiting us, please use “200 Washington Avenue, Towson, MD 21204” in your GPS. 

When you arrive at the building, make the right hand turn off of Towsontown Blvd W in front of the building. Follow the road keeping the building to your right and the Baltimore County Fleet Service gas station to your left. 

The entrance to the parking garage is below the building facing the entrance to the Baltimore County Fire Department Station. Enter the garage and park in one of the 5 Haven Coworking reserved parking spaces.

Parking for Active Members & Guests:

Haven Coworking is proud to offer free surface parking for its members only a short (2 minutes!) walk across the street. 

Please enter “125 York Rd Towson, MD 21204” in your GPS. You will arrive at the American Legion building off of York Rd. Drive to the parking lot behind the building and park in any available space. 

Take the stair case at the back right of the parking lot which will bring you up the hill onto Towsontown Blvd. Simply cross the street at the intersection of Towsontown Blvd and Washington Avenue and you have arrived! 

Please use the front entrance doors facing Towsontown Blvd to access the building.

Member Parking Map